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A night at the cinema with Moses

12-6-mosesFor all the kosher foodies living in the Jerusalem area, we have the pleasure to have a complex that is full with different styles of cuisine, prices and of course like mentioned before, it’s all kosher. Whether it’s a sushi roll, a cup of coffee, or a meat meal, all of the above are available in the cinema city complex in Jerusalem.  the sole reason for this is because it has been built on government property, and the Israeli government doesn’t work on Saturday.

Now why do I mention all of this you ask? For one reason only; The burger chain Moses has come to the holy city and it is kosher. At this stage there are 2 kosher branches(there is one in Petach Tikvah) and they are in the stages of opening 5 more kosher locations. While asking the manager why did they go kosher, he said that the owners wanted to give a chance to all burger lovers in Israel to enjoy a top-notch burger(and of course the location). I have been looking forward for many years now to try a hamburger from Moses. So took my wife and good friends and drove to cinema city.

art2_13072010_105238442_3The restaurant in designed to have a good flow, meaning there is room for the waiters to move through the tables without knocking in to each other. Which also means that there is a lot of space in between tables so you don’t need to hear your neighbors conversation. The decor is modern and black, which also seems to be a repeated motif in many burger joints. and the service was impeccable(I’ll explain a little later). On the other hand it’s a bit pricey for a burger joint, so I would call it a high-end burger joint(62 shekel for a burger with no sides).

I went there with no expectations, which I think is the way to go otherwise you can get disappointed so, I came with all the good things that I heard about the place in mind.  While looking at the menu, the waiter explained that for 100 shekel a year you can become a member of the Moses club and you get 10% of the amount you spent back on the next time you visit. This is good for those who really need to get their Moses on!

20141225_204344The cuisine in Moses is very simple: Burgers, salads, appetizers, steaks  and dessert. For the appetizers we ordered the spring chicken nuggets in a spicy blood orange sauce, spring chicken skewers grilled and glazed in maple syrup and the yellow curry wings. The spring chicken nuggets were surprisingly good. Just the right amount of heat in the sauce which didn’t taste like sweet chili sauce, the chicken was crunchy and came with a small salad to take down the heat. The skewers were grilled to perfection with a right amount of glaze not to make it too sweet, and the chicken wing were deep-fried deliciousness. During the entire time the waiters kept on giving us wet wipes which I thought was very nice, because no wants sticky hands while eating and we didn’t have to get up every time to wash our hands.

20141225_204337For the main course, we ordered; The Artburger with potato wedges, the spring chicken with potato wedges and the Mexican chicken salad(although, my wife ordered the salad with no chicken ). What we didn’t know about the Artburger was that it only comes with lettuce on top, and nothing else!? So when I asked for vegetables the brought it to me on the side, which I get, because the burger is the star and they don’t want to ruin it by adding any toppings. And the burger was a GOOD burger. Cut from 3 cuts of meat(lamb, veal, beef) they cooked it to a perfect medium rare and it was delicious. The chicken was nice but the potato wedges were divine. Coated with seasoned salt, now that’s the way to go. The Mexican chicken salad with no chicken, came with chicken on top and we asked them to take it back, and they gave it to us on the house! The salad was on the spicy side bu the dressing was nice and soothing. For dessert we ordered the chocolate truffle cake with vanilla ice cream, which was a nice way to finish the meal.

We had a great time there, the food, ambiance and service were all spot on, so next time you go and see a movie, get your Moses on and have a great time!