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Mizi is a name of a cat, but here it’s all about the beef!


I was doing research in the Machane Yehuda shuk for my next article for theculturetrip.com, and it was really hard not to get hungry quickly while walking down the alleyways of fresh food goodness. From the beautiful fresh vegetables to the fresh fish and beef, my mouth was watering from the second I got off the bus.

20141231_135114I was able to hold off for an hour before I felt that I needed to get some of the goodness surrounding me into my stomach. So, where do I go and sit down to eat? Too many different options! In the end I remembered that a friend of mine had mentioned a cool joint that sell great sandwiches called Mizi. I have heard also from different sources that the place was off the hook so I went in and talked to Itamar, the guy behind the counter. I asked him what was so special about i, and he answered that everything is purchased locally and all the meat is cooked fresh and from scratch, starting from the ground beef for the burgers to the roast-beef made of Rib eye and sirloin steak.

20141231_13502320141231_135951After schmoozing with Itamar for a little longer, my mouth turned to a waterfall, with all the cooking going behind the counter. I told Itamar to make me a burger and to top it off with some roast beef. I got to tell you, the burger was just spot on. A perfect medium rare cooked on a flat-top?! Perfection! Getting that crust on the outside and medium rare on the inside? That’s how all burgers in Israel should be made and not on the grill, especially if you are using fresh ground beef. It was one of the best burgers I have had, and I have eaten my share of burgers! To top it all off the roast beef was perfect as a topping, and also cooked medium rare. It was a great burger.
Anyone going to the shuk and needs his carnivoricale fix, Mizi is a must for you.