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A trip to Shipuday Chen in the heart of Ramat Gan

A while back, me and my business partner found ourselves hungry in the gush dan area. I asked him if he’s hungry, and he said yes, but we aren’t from the area so we had no clue where to eat, and if it was even good. So, I looked on line for a place people like to eat and this is what we found.  In the heart of Ramat Gan, not far off the Ayalon Highway, there is a local steak house called Shipuday Chen(http://on.fb.me/1uyUyTu).

20130827_181750 Shipudey Chen

This place is unreal. It’s been around since 1973 (30 Years!!) and go through over 450 kilos of meat per day! That’s over 1 ton of meat! Crazy, right?! It is also nice and clean.

20130827_181613 Shwarma Shipudey Chen

What makes this place really great I feel is that it’s a real neighborhood joint. It’s not an easy place to find because it’s surrounded by buildings and not in an industrial area or mall. It’s a peoples place for locals to grab some great food. In my opinion they have one of the best shwarmas in the country. Now I’ve eaten a lot of shwarmas from eilat to metula, and honestly it was unreal. They also do shipudim, which are skewers of just meat and also unreal. Everything there is made fresh every day: the salads, hand cut French fries, the meat is butchered in house (except the shwarma). I mean they go through 220 kilos of shwarma a day which is those massive spits of heaven that slowly cook for hours to reach perfection in a lafa.


The prices there are very reasonable for a great shwarma (34 shekels) the skewers go from between 26 shekels in a pita to 85 shekels for a boneless rib eye steak on a plate. The staff there is very nice, they sort of speak english. The tables are clean, it doesn’t smell, and the bathrooms are OK. Also if you feel that you’ve eaten too much behind the place there is a shady cosmetics place that for a price will help you out.

So, if you are in Ramat Gan, go out of your way, look them up and enjoy a great meal that you won’t forget. I won’t.