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My name is Yehudah Jacobs. I am a certified chef from the Jerusalem Culinary Institute.
Before becoming a professional chef, my love and passion for food came first. When I was young at about 14 my mother gave me my culinary beginnings. Basically, taught me how to cook. Then my Grandmothers passion for cooking is what really was the kick in the butt for my professional career.
yehudah jacobs

I started working within the food industry from a young age and have cyehudah jacobsooked in restaurants across Jerusalem. Worked for catering companies creating my own dishes. Until recently, where I have taken my education for hospitality to the next level. I may not be cooking professionally for now, but my passion and hunger for delicious food will never cease. I am still cooking and creating dishes that are easy to make and taste unbelievable.

After leaving cooking I decided to pursuit a college degree in Business management and service providing in the Hospitality industry.  I’m in my 3rd year at the Hadassah college in Jerusalem on my way to a B.A.

So follow me when I check out places that aren’t popular to the public eye but are hidden culinary gems, the local joints that have been around for many years that aren’t just fast food, and taste my recipes that are simple and delicious. Every restaurant or food joint that is reviewed on this blog is KOSHER!

I am the founder of the facebook group Israeli Foodies. The idea behind the group is to help Anglo foodies around Israel with questions about anything in the kitchen from where to eat anywhere in Israel, to different cuts of meat on the cow you can only get here. Kosher or not, it’s a place for the locals to share and to learn so much about the food in Israel.

You can also catch my writings on different websites like, and

Today I work at Blue Thread Marketing, as the Director of Content. Part of what I do is digital consulting for Chefs and caterers who are trying to make a digital footprint in the online food world.

If you have more questions about my reviews and recipes, you can be in touch with me. I’ll gladly help you out with whatever you need. I can be contacted at:

yehudah jacobs yehudah jacobs

4 thoughts on “The Foodie”

  1. Best meat I’ve ever had and it’s not even close! I would 1000% recommended this to everyone. You can’t get meat this good anywhere in Israel! The service was great. Overall experience 10/10


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