Eating Real Deal Italian at La Lasagna Tel Aviv


I don’t make it out to Tel Aviv, often, so when I do find myself in the city, I try to hit up the best restaurants, whether meat or dairy. If it was to try the best shwarma at Turk Lachmajun, or an amazing burger at Magic burger, only places where the food is worth traveling to. So, when I hear that there is a restaurant that serves the best lasagna in Israel is in Tel Aviv, I make time and try it.

20160518_120135La Lasagna (Kosher Rabbanute Tel Aviv) has been around for a long time, and I feel that the explanation to that has been: evolution and consistency. If you ask anyone that has tried their homemade lasagna, if it has changed since the last time they tried it, they would tell you it hasn’t and has stayed spectacular since the day they have opened. They have stayed as authentic as can be, as true to a dairy Italian eatery can be. The evolution part is that they also have whole wheat options and a full gluten-free and vegan menu. Being able to offer a dish for everyone isn’t a given in an Italian eatery so hats off to the owners for evolving.

20160518_131158I invited my good friend Keren Brown for lunch at La Lasagna even though she’s super busy, and we ordered some lunch. For those of you who don’t know Keren, follow her on her foodie adventures around Tel Aviv, she’s awesome! Back to the ordering I got there early and was hungry, so I ordered the bruschetta and for the main we ordered two types of lasagna, the classic and the ricotta and spinach. The menu offers so much more like pizza’s, pastas, salads and so much more, but I was there for the lasagna.

One of the most beautiful things about small family restaurants is that they stay legit like I mentioned earlier and boy every dish was authentic and delicious. The bruschetta came with slices of fresh whole wheat bread with lots of chopped tomatoes, fresh basil and mountains of fresh 20160518_131205mozzarella cheese. An enormous appetizer for one person, but it was so good, the freshness of the ingredients is what makes all the difference. Then came the two lasagna dishes, piping hot and just looked amazing. While we were waiting for the dishes to cool down I couldn’t stop drooling (For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a lasagna freak, like Garfield!). Anyway, once the dishes cooled down and snapped some great photos (as you will see) we dug in, and boy it was good. The fresh pasta sheets that they make for the dish are perfectly sized not to thin or thick, the sauce was seasoned perfectly and the amounts of cheese wouldn’t embarrass any Italian eatery. The portions were perfect, and getting two different dishes was a great choice. One had the perfect spinach to ricotta ratio and the other had the perfect cheese to sauce ratio. A simple dish made perfectly, that’s how I would describe both lasagna dishes.

I must admit, almost every dairy coffee shop\restaurant serves a lasagna dish, but at La Lasagna they make it special and definitely worth the trip to Tel Aviv.



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