All you can eat Chummus in Jerusalem



Yesterday walking around Jerusalem, a friend of mine and myself, we’re debating where to grab a bite to eat. Being photoIsraeli and such my friend recommended eating chummus. Now what does that imply? You get a bowl off chummus and some pitas and eat the chummus like a bowl of cereal. So what do you do when you’re hungry? You go to an all you can eat chummus place called Abu Yoyo( off Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem.
1613968_662010807192764_1969883251_nThey have a couple of options for toppings on the chummus but everyone at the table needs to eat to enjoy the all you can eat chummus. It cots minimum 22 shekel per person without extras(those cost extra, but if you want more you can get it with a classic topping) So I got for round 1 a ground meat topping(31 Shekel) and my friends got a classic chummus topping with whole cooked chickpeas and another got his with Ful, which are broad beans cooked with classic Egyptian spices. The chummus is made fresh to order which makes this place really great. They serve the chummus with fresh and hot pitas, schug(a hot pepper condiment) pickles and olives, and fresh cut tomatoes and onion quarters.
So, how was it? It was ok. For a place that is dishing out the amount chummus that
they are the food is good. The ground meat on my chummus was done ok, just a bit under seasoned. Same for everyone else’s bowls. But for the price you’re paying for all you can eat chummus isn’t bad. I got the classic chummus for round 2, and the same story just a bit underseasoned but it’s nothing a bit of salt can’t fix. They also do bottomless beer with chummus for 59 shekel which will make you night even better!
All in all it’s a good time out to enjoy with friends with good food.

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